Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Morning Ten - CHECK!

Wow, I have to say that I had the most beautiful weather to run in this morning! I only wish that my mornings were free like this everyday! Our catalog (for work) is on press and today we had a "late start" so that allowed me to get my 10 miles this morning without stressing about time. Speaking of time, it was pretty freaking good! I did it in 1:41:23! However, I ran into a good friend of mine that I never see (her husband has been very ill, and she was able to get to the trail for a quick walk) so I stopped to talk to her at mile 7 (of course stopped the G) for about 20 minutes. Definitely NOT what I would normally do, but I was so happy to see her!

Other good news....I think I have found my "new sneakers"!!!! I listened to everyones advice (thank you!!!) and talked to some of the running peeps, then called Road Runners and talked to one of their sales people (who was totally awesome!!). I ended up going with the Saucony Pro Grid Hurricane in a size 9. I also got the Wright Socks (that are double layered), and after my 10 miler this morning.....NO ISSUES!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't been "duped" into falling in love again....time will tell!
Question: According to my training schedule I will run 260 miles between now and my marathon, will these current shoes (which right now have 13 miles on them) be "OK" for the marathon??? Any input on this would be great!! Thanks in advance!

On the "love" front, I'm feeling much better today after yesterdays aftershocks. I know there is still some more to come until this is all resolved, but I will get through it all!


*aron* said...

i think those are the ones i was deciding between when i got my asics... hope they are perfect for you!

i LOOOOVE the wright socks. i have not had a blister since i started wearing them... well since i started wearing the right size of them (first guy gave me the wrong size booo).

awesome job on the 10 miler today!

Anonymous said...

Pretty new sneakers. Glad they are trating you well. Nice job on the 10. Hope all goes well on the "love" front. You are right, you will get through it.

Anonymous said...

I put between 400-500 miles on my shoes before I trade to a new pair. You should be good to go with the mileage you're going to put on these.

ncrunner12 said...

The first running shoes I had were a pair of Saucony's, I really liked them and got a lot of miles on them. You should be able to put 500-600 miles on them but only you'll know when it's time to replace them. Good luck and enjoy

Megan said...

Thanks for always checking out my blog. Comments are the best!!

Can't help with the shoes cause I think 13 miles is already a high number.

Great job on the fundraising - have you asked some of my friends?

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