Monday, August 25, 2008

Fundraiser - Success!

The Happy Hour Fundraiser was AWESOME! My Teammate Chrisie and I each walked away with $468! Yippppeeee! I'm getting close to my goal!!!!
It was so great to see all of my friends, family and neighbors in one place having so much fun! The raffles were a HUGE hit, especially the Mario Lemieux autographed hockey stick!!!
As for the "Pepsi Guy".....he was a no show, however, the funniest thing happened....So, I'm walking around selling the raffle tickets and I think I spot him...I got all nervous and headed directly to my group of friends. As soon as they saw me coming they were like "Is he here? Is he here?" And I said yep...and they all guessed that he was the guy at the bar that I saw and thought was him! So, I walked right up to the guy (the WRONG GUY!!!) and was all "Hey, how are you?"--------then I realize it's NOT PEPSI GUY!!!!! How freaking funny!!!! Anyway, he ended up buying some raffle tickets, so it's all good!!!
On the training front, I have many, many, many miles to run this week! Although I've been having fun with the happy hour, the pepsi guy, and all that stuff, I've had a little "strain" going on from the "Original Guy" , and my energy level is low. Nothing major has happened, sometimes I just think that relatioships ending are a lot like have the major earthquake that just about does you in, then every so often there are the "aftershocks", sometimes they are for no apparent reason, none the less they wipe you out a little.
My schedule for this week is as follows:
Mon - 5
Tues - 8
Thurs - 10
Sat - 15 (longest run EVER)

My work schedule this week won't work with the 10 on Thursday, but I don't have to go into work until 10:30 tomorrow morning, so I'm going to do my 10 on Tuesday morning. Not sure what will happen this evening, I've got a lot of work to do, and as mentioned above I'm feeling wiped out. Now I'm feeling like a wimp....but hey, I'm just being honest.
Hope you all had a great weekend!


P.O.M. said...

I definately know what you mean by the 'after shocks' sista!

Nice job on the fundraising.
AND wow - that is alot of miles during the week. I would be drained fo sho.

*aron* said...

awesome job on the fundraising!!!

good luck this week! you can do it! just dont think about it and knock those miles out!

Anonymous said...

Great job with the fundraising. Glad yo uhad a fun and successful night.

Have fun this week running, you have lots of long runs. You'll do great!

Erin Leigh said...

That is so true with the aftershocks. It is like you are fine and then WHAM!

The fundraiser sounded awesome. LOL at going up to the wrong guy. No harm in that though ;)

Good luck with your 10!!!

Jess said...

Congrats on the fundraising and good luck on your runs this week! That's definitely a lot of mileage!

chrisequious said...

I don't think you can use "longest run ever" and "wimp" in the same blog post. Just sayin.... ;)

Flatman said...

Good luck with all those runs!!!

Did you get the other guy's number?

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