Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday's Run

So, Sunday's run went pretty well! I was able to run pretty much the whole time (10.5 miles) with just a few stops for stretching. I went slower than I had been going, and I am fine with accepting that that might be what I need to do.
Afterwards I had the MOST AMAZING french yummy!!!!
The rest of the day I still felt pretty good, so much better than that run a couple weeks ago where I was sure that my legs were going to snap off!

However, I need some help/input with the shoe situation. Here's the deal -
I have Asics (keyanos) and Sauconys (forget their something, maybe hurricane?). I bought both at the same time, here is the story -
*Started in the Asics for a couple runs, thought I was in love.
*Tried out the Sauconys, also loved them, but then got blister on the Left Foot.
*Went back to the Asics - No blister problems, as the miles got highter and higher they made my left foot (the "bad" one) hurt...kind of bad. I ran in them up to a point, started having definite foot pain around 4th of July, switched back to the Sauconys.
*Ran in the Sauconys some more, blister came back. Got insoles, I hated them but didn't get a blister and figured I'd get used to the insoles.
*Ran in the Sauconys on Sunday with the insoles, got the FREAKING blister again!!!!

I am starting to get really anxious, I want to know what my Marathon shoes will be and start breaking them in!

The blister area is on the side of my where the
GREEN MARK is (don't mind the red mark on the diagram by the heel). It ends up being a long sort of thin blister.

My "normal" shoe size is an 8.5, my Asics are a 9, and the Sauconys are 9.5.
Do you think it's possible that my Sauconys might just be a little too big (and I should try a 9)? At this point I'm thinking that the Asics are definitely out. I have tried about 4 different types of socks and I put body glide all over that spot, and it still happens. Any input would be great!


*aron* said...

ok couple things... i have had many feet issues :)

have you tried wright socks? i used to get blisters bad but those made them go away.

also, do you put body glide on your feet in that spot? it really helps. i haven't had any since i started doing that.

i usually wear a 7.5-8 and my asics are 9s! i wonder if they are too small? in both cases.

i was having bad foot pain a couple months before and i switched from brooks to asics and all my pain went away. i hope yours does! foot pain is no fun. good luck!!!

oh and glad you had a great run on sunday!! WOOOO!

Jess said...

Here's my thoughts...I'd take both pairs to a running store tell them all about your problems and see what the pros say.

They may have suggestions about size issues or they may suggest another style shoe all together.

When it comes to the shoe stuff, the pro's know what's up so it might not hurt letting them check everything out.

ncrunner12 said...

Glad to hear that your run went well even though you went at a slower pace, sometimes that helps. As far as the shoes go, I'd take all that information to your local running store and see what they say. Personally I'm a Nike guy, I tried Asics and still run in them but I'm headed back to Nike this week.

I wish you luck, shoes are very important.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the run. I would talk with someone at a running store and see what they say about shoes. I run in the same size I wear and have no problems. I agree with Aron too about the socks and bodyglide.

Oh ya, glad to hear the french toast was as good as it sounded.

Marcy said...

I was going to suggest the same thing as Jess, especially if you've already tried switching out socks and BodyGliding the heck out of it :-/

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds like they don't fit quite right. I definitely agree with some above comments that you should go to a running store where the staff knows how to fit people properly and see what they think.

P.O.M. said...

I was getting a blister in the same spot wtih my Nikes (which I hate and have dumped). I also think they might be too small! You are supposed to go up at least one full size to account for swelling in longer distances.

Definately find a good running store in your area (where the sales guys are actually runners) and have them check it out with you.

Erin Leigh said...

I have no idea since I am having sneaker probs myself now. I love Adidas and they fit me great, arch great, they just wear out way too fast. 2 Pairs of Sauconys later I am having issues, first was a defect that was hitting my heal and now I am getting blisters on both heals.

Glad you are feeling better running though. Shoe issues are moderate compared to the other issues!!

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