Friday, August 29, 2008

A Summer of PR's!

Can you believe that Labor Day Weekend is here and summer is coming to an end? I can't believe how fast it has gone! Time for a little stroll down Summer Memory Lane.....

My memories of this summer mainly consist of running, running, and more running! Every weekend the highlight was running further than I ever have in my life, and running faster in many races than I ever have!! That means that I set roughly 10 PR's this summer....Here they are:

1 - First time running 6 miles
2 - First time doing a 10K
3 - First time running 8 miles
4,5,6 and 7 All in one day! - First time running 10 miles (4), which also means that it was my first time running 9 miles (5)and it was in the Baltimore 10 Mile Race (6) and I set a PR for time by doing it in 1:46 (7) (I guess any time would have been a PR, but hey, I'm counting it!)
8 - First time running 11 miles
9 - Setting my 5K PR of 28:34
10 - First time running 13 miles

How exciting is that???? I can actually look back at this summer and DAMN!!!!! I accomplished more this summer that I would have ever thought I could! And just think, this weekend I am on track to run my FIRST 15 MILER!

It is now official.....

This is my MOST favorite saying in the world, it is now my goal to be the Bees Knees every day of my life, cause DAMN it feels good!

**This is my friend's son, Asher, on the phone with me - he just confirmed that it's true, I AM THE BEES KNEES!!!

So, tell me about your summer high lights! Were you "The Cat's Pajamas"?


Flatman said...

Congrats on a great summer!

ThickChick said...

My summer hasn't been nearly as stellar in the running department, but if I had to toot my own horn about something it would be juggling a manic schedule while making strides at work and NOT gaining 50 pounds in the process. =)

Congrats in advance on your upcoming 15-er!

*aron* said...

WOOOO you are so awesome! wont be long until you can add half marathon and FULL marathon to that list!!! congrats on a GREAT summer and good luck on the 15 miler this weekend!

chrisequious said...

11. kicked the crap outta 15 miles.

Now you are the bee's knees and the goat's bowtie!

P.O.M. said...

YOu'll totally rock the 15 miles. This was definately the running "Summer of Speed" for me.

Erin Leigh said...

You should be happy about that. You made HUGE progress with your running. Congrats!!

Laura said...

I love the bee's knees quote :)

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