Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey Pepsi Guy....

Ok, so we have a Pepsi machine at work, and today a new Pepsi Guy brought our delivery...he was quite cute! Sooooooo I just happened to be on my break with my co-workers and they were giving me "the eye" and spurring on the conversation.

Anyway, we all talked a little, then he was leaving and my co-workers were like "COME ON!!! What are you doing? You should have made a little more of a move!!!" So, I got brave and grabbed an invitation to the Happy Hour that I'm hosting for my fundraising this Friday and ran it out to him! He was VERY receptive and said he would definitely be there! We'll see...either way it was very funny! Oh and remember last week when I was talking about putting in some effort to get ready for work...yeah that didn't happen this morning because I had to leave my house at 6am for PT! So here I am in a plain tank top, no makeup, hair in a ponytail and these random sweat shorts from Target! Hahaha!
Good news at PT today, I can start to get back "on schedule" with my training! So this weekend I will do 11 miles, next weekend 15, the following will be the 1/2 marathon and so on!
Thank you everyone for your input on the shoes, I am going to head to the running store and see what their thoughts are and I'll let you know the outcome!


*aron* said...

ohhhhh good job :)

yay for the PT and getting back on the schedule! glad its feeling better.

jahowie said...

Good luck with the Pepsi guy, and finding some good shoes of course. Our Pepsi guy looks like Bigfoot so you lucked out. :-)

Megan said...

Cute boys really make the day more interesting!

teacherwoman said...

keep us posted on the pepsi guy! :)

glad to hear PT is going well.

Anonymous said...

ohhh the Pepsi guy! Good for you for having the courage to ask him. Hope he shows up.

Erin Leigh said...

Love this post. Meeting new boys is so much fun (or was fun I should say) but all the better that you weren't done up cause now you will look amazing the next time you see him ;)

Jess said...

Haha good luck with Pepsi guy!

And I'm jealous of your "work acceptable attire" I'd love to be able to wear a tank and sweat shorts haha

Sarah said...

Good luck with the Pepsi guy! Brave move!!

P.O.M. said...

Oh yeah how fun. I know how scary it can be to make a move like that. I tried once and failed miserably. ha ha. (He didn't even call). You go girl!

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