Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Combined Update!

Ok, so it has taken me forever to get to the fun stories from the weekend, which sorry for all the hype, they aren't "crazy fun" just fun. So, I'll do 3 parts to my update -

Part One
This past weekend Pittsburgh was host to the "New American Music Union" concert and it was awesome! My friend, we'll call LL, came into town and we had a blast! She is one of those "go with the flow" peeps that can have fun anywhere. So before the concert we grabbed a bite to eat outside and had somewhere between 2 and 5 sangrias....I can't count after 2! The weather was PERFECT! Then we headed in for the show...I finally got to see my FAVORITE band, The Raconteurs! Soooooo freaking good!!! While there we got to do one of my other favorite things, people watching. I LOVE to people watch, and let me tell you this was the place for it! I kept looking around thinking "apparently these people came from the 60's/70's and traveled through the punk era in London on their way here, while I took the express jet from the 90's! Keep in mind, amongst my friends I am often considered to be pretty damn trendy, first with the new shiznit and all that (point in case, I am currently rocking steel grey nail polish and have been for about 1 will be everywhere in September, for you "nail polish fans" it could possibly be the new OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark"). Anyway, it was awesome to see all these different styles, some were way cool, others were way off. To illustrate this, I took some pics of the "Way Off". Case #1 - Older Guy Trying Hard - How freaking long do you think these jeans are if he has them cuffed this high????

Case # 2 - How about this bandanna and hair...and his friend with the white hat? What you can't see is that Yellow Bandanna guy has on the TIGHTEST jeans with one leg tucked into his cowboy boot and one leg over his boot.

There I was in my boring black tank top, bootcut jeans and cork wedges! This led LL and I on to a discussion about "re-inventing" yourself, and I've decided there are some parts of me that need re-invented! Not that I'm gonna start cuffing my pants all crazy or wearing yellow bandannas, but these people put some effort into their outfits. I always put in effort when I'm going out, but to work, that is a different story. I have the luxury of wearing whatever I want (today it's jeans and black tank top....hmmm, sound familiar?) I'm more likely to wear "cute sweats and sneakers" than I am to wear dress pants and heels. Eventually that leads into wearing "not cute sweats", hair always in a pony tail, and so on. So, I am going to make a better effort at "getting ready" to go to work.

Part Two
This has to do with some emails from a person that we'll call AR. AR is probably in his mid 40's, runs with my group, is in general a "nice" person, I thought he was married, I have ABSOLUTELY NO interest in him, no way in hell would I ever have interest in him, definitely didn't indicate anything like that.
As you all know I totally struggled with my run the other week, AR noticed me struggling and ran with me for while. Very nice of him, and I appreciated it. There were some comments made like "at least you still look cute even though you're in pain", and honestly, I could do without those, but seriously what was I going to do at this away? I would have had to try and "shuffle" away since that's what my stride had turned into! I really didn't think anything of the comments, probably trying to make me feel better, maybe laugh a little since I was on the verge of tears from the pain.
So, a couple days later I get this email from AR -
"BTW, I have been thinking about this long and hard. If you can lower your standards enough, I am willing to step up and be your "boyfriend" until a man suitable for your standards comes along. ;-)
Let me know your thoughts....
(I hope I didn't just make you hurl!)"

Ok, WTF? Seriously, WTF????? So, I needed to respond before what was now an uncomfortable situation became unbearable. So all day I thought and thought about the best way to respond so as to not be a bitch (ie saying "Dude, my standards don't go THAT low") but get the message across. Finally I decided to play it off as if he was funny and that was a good joke. So I emailed back -
ROFLMAO! You're too funny! I actually have a "promising" date lined up for the weekend...we'll see how it goes!
Have a good one-

I don't have a "date" but he doesn't need to know that, and I figured that would be a way of making him not feel like a d-bag for crossing a line.
Then he responds -
Glad I was able to brighten your day. You always brighten mine (seriously!)
Good luck on the "promising" date.
and my offer still stands

Seriously? I'm thinking I should have gone the bitch route.

Part Three
I ran 7 miles last night! Woooooooooo hooooooooo! No hip pain and my time was better than I thought it would be, 1:07. Around mile 5 my knees started to get super tight (like when you're foot is coming off the ground, you're knee is bending and the foot is coming up off the ground). So I emailed the PT, I see him again tomorrow. I'm wondering if that has always been happening, then I start to run all weird and that is what wrecks my hips?
Any thoughts on this?


P.O.M. said...

I have a 3 part comment:

Super fun people watching and LOVE that you snuck pics. I, too an trying to rock the grey toes right now and I just can't get into it. But I paid $70 for this pedicure so I'm leaving that damn polish on until it chips.

So annoying about AR. Why can't men just be friends without turning into some creepy sexual thing? No need to pull out the bitch card yet. But I think some strategic "ignoring" because you're "so busy" might do the trick for now.

I definately think when we're in pain, we adjust our gait and can therefore "F" with other parts (aka hips). I have issues with that too. Good luck at PT.

Jess said...

Oh my god what a creeper! I totally agree with POM on the friends part! Seriously!

I think you played it well and most guys probably would have gotten the hint there....just apparently not this winner!

*aron* said...

i also have 3 parts :)

LOL ok love the pics... i was at a concert the other night and was wondering where all these people come from!??! i should have taken a couple pics :) people watching is my fav and one of the things i love about running!

EWWWWW ok i like your first response, hopefully now just ignoring him will make him get the hint. ekk.

i think that is the reason my foot is hurt - first post marathon run, running funny, bruised/strained foot. BOOO.

ncrunner12 said...

Peole watching is the best, and it sounds like you got plenty of it.

Not sure what to think about AR, I think p.o.m. is right and you should just ignore the guy till he gets the point. Next couple weeks do everything you can to keep up with the group.

jahowie said...

I think that you should have went the bitch route too. LOL!!

Erin Leigh said...

I am a people watcher too. Seriously LOVE it. Love sneaking pics myself. I should have some good one by the end of the summer.

I think your comment was great and he should have gotten the point but some guys need to get hit over the head with a 2x4 with YOU ARE DOOKIE painted on it before they get the point. Seriously, this is a great example of how we only turn into bitches because there just is no other choice.

And YAY on 7 miles, you are rockin it!!! I hope the PT helps.

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