Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7:58 Mile?? Who, me????

So, yesterday I met with my workout group in the morning at the track, it was really good (except for my foot hurting, but I'll get to that in a minute!).
We started off with a 1 mile run for time and as you could guess from the title of this post, I did it in 7:58!!!! That means I did it in less than 8 minutes (which is also less than 9 minutes!!!!)!!! I was blown away, I didn't know I could go that fast! Of course as soon as I finished, I was DONE! If you would have told me "Skip 10 feet down the track and I'll give you an ice cream cone", I would have told you "Skip your ass down there, get it and bring it back to me, I just ran a mile in less than 8 minutes!!!"
After that we did some sprinting drills on the field, along with side shuffles and a few other random things. My left foot and my right ankle were still bothering me from Saturday's run (and Friday night's Zumba). Sidenote - my left foot has been a "pain" for about the past 7 years. It all started with a stress fracture to the sesmoid bone that would not heal. Eventually after 3 years of dealing with it they ended up taking the sesmoid bone OUT of my foot...lovely! So, this is always a weak spot for me, if something is going to go wrong that's where it will be.
After all the drills we went back on the track for another mile....yeah, that didn't work for me. After about 1 lap I decided to walk and stretch, realizing that at this point 1 more mile was going to cause more pain than it was worth!
Overall it was still a great workout. I iced my foot on and off yesterday and this morning it is feeling much better. I'm icing it again at this moment while I'm at work...gotta love frozen peas!


ncrunner12 said...

Congratulations on your 1 mile PR, that’s awesome. Hope that foot gets better soon so you can get out there and get another PR. Looks like we’re both training for the same thing, I’m interested to see how the rest of your training goes, keep up the good work.

Vickie said...

Great job on your less than 8 minute mile! I'm thinking now how much easier it will be to continue achieving that kind of time. It starts paying off. You get faster without realizing it, as long as you are working at it. I sympathize with you on the foot thing. I have had several severe ankle sprains (from running) and one took 3 years to heal, because of torn ligaments. So icing, stretching, resting, have become a way of life with me over the years. Just keep watch over it.

teacherwoman said...

First of all, WAY TO GO on the 7:58 mile! You're comment about the ice cream made me chuckle.

Second, glad to hear you called it quits after the first lap of the 2nd mile... no point in injuring yourself if your foot was already bothering you!

Jess said...

Wow speed demon!!! Sounds like a fun workout, but it was definitely smart to lay off that second mile if you were hurting.

I hope the ice helps!

P.O.M. said...

Sheesh that's fast! Good job.

*aron* said...

awesome job!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! You really sped through that mile. Now you know you can break 8 minutes. Take care of your foot.

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