Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gotta Catch Up!

Wow, where do I begin? I feel like I've been away from Blogland forever! I'll go for a quick review!
So last week I ran with the "People who run Downtown" on Tuesday and then again on Thursday. The Thursday night group was bigger, definitely a good time. Afterwards a bunch of us hung out and ate dinner at "Jo Mamma's", I had the BEST pizza!
Saturday I ran with my Team in Training group at North Park. I was hoping to do 12 miles, but after our 7 mile loop I could feel a blister brewing on my left foot. I went back out for the 3.4 mile loop, I could really feel it them. So when I came back in and took off my shoe....yikes! There it was, gross. Our running coach, Coach Chris, looked at it and said the damage I would do running on it would outweigh the good of getting in another mile and a half. Booooo. Good news though is that for the first 7 miles I averaged 9:17/mile, so I was happy with that. After the run I went to my nieces Birthday Party, too fun! I was psyched to see that they were having pizza, I was starving!!! The rest of the day was a blur, I basically napped, ate, napped, ate, etc.
Sunday I took my bike out for a ride on the Peters Trail. My friend Linda met up with me and we did 11 miles. The whole time I kept thinking - this is so much easier than running! I think my foot was happy for the break!
Monday morning I met up with my group at the track, we did our 2 mile timed run. My first mile was 8:15 and second was 8:06!!! AWESOME!
Monday night I hit the Peters trail to get in the 6 miles that were on my schedule, it went pretty good. I had to walk a few times because of that freaking blister, but I got it done in 59 minutes (that's technically less than 10 minute miles!). But the best part about the Monday night run was the HOTTIE that I spotted on a bike!!!!!!!! Seriously, I will be frequenting this trail with the hopes of spotting him again! I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure he was checking me out, after he rode past me (we were going in opposite directions) we both did the "turn around and look", I was ready to do the "turn around and chase" LOL!!!!
Well, time to get to work! We have photo shoots today and tomorrow, so long days ahead!
I will post more details from the past week later on!


jahowie said...

Those are awesome runs!! Take care of those blisters and good luck with the "hottie". :-)

*aron* said...

great job on the runs!!!! i have had MANY blisters over the passed few months. luckily i havent had any since i got my keyanos :) yay!!

awesome job on those speedy miles!

hope you see your hottie again :)

ncrunner12 said...

Good luck with that blister, but way to work through it on some of those runs... great job!

Jess said...

Haha next time you will have to "turn around and chase"

...you can tell him the pacing with someone on a bike pushed you to run faster haha!

Anonymous said...

You are doing such an awesome job on your runs! Glad to hear you are enjoying running with the group, sounds like some fun people. Take care of your toe. Have you been riding as a form of cross training? I have noticed that biking is a great compliment to running.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job with all those runs! I will share with you what I have shared with others to help prevent blisters, my dad swears by it and has never had a blister when training for his half or full marathons. He uses ROLL ON DEODERANT! Try it!

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