Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trying Something New...

So, I've been realizing that I REALLY need "get out there more" (be more social, meet more new people, potentially start dating....yikes!!!), in addition to that I HAVE to start getting in more miles during the week. Sooooooo, today after work I am going to venture into Downtown Pittsburgh to meet up with a group of runners group called "People Who Run Downtown". They meet every Tuesday at a different location (usually a restaurant) and have 2, 4, and 6 mile maps. From there you head on out and that there is usually a decent group of people so finding someone at your pace shouldn't be too hard, so we'll see how it goes. After the run they grab a drink or some food at the restaurant (not sure how that will work considering when I'm done running I don't think anyone will want to stand near me let alone eat a burger!), and that's it. Chances are I'll bail before too much socializing can happen, but maybe I'll be pleasently surprised! I'm always hoping to meet some new girl friends (not a "girlfriend", lol), most of mine are popping out kids and hanging out with their husbands!
I'll be sure to post an update after my outing!


*aron* said...

oh that is awesome have fun!! i am so shy when it comes to that stuff too and i have been really trying to meet new "girlfriends" because i dont have many near me, and i actually have met a couple since starting to run!! hopefully it will open up a new world for you too :)

Jess said...

oh good luck with the running group! i hope you meet lots of awesome people...it shouldn't be too tough though, as most runners are awesome people

jahowie said...

They have a great group name. Gets right to the point doesn't it? :-) I hope that you have fun with them.

teacherwoman said...

Hey! Sounds like a great way to meet more people. Love it!

I know I have been here for almost a year and still struggling with finding a good place to meet more people. Luckily there is this cycle group that meets twice a week... I'm hoping to meet some more people through that!

Ali said...

I can't imagine running without our group now. They push me when I want to give up and motivate me to come out.

Go socialize after, have that burger, you earned it. everyone stinks so no one will know if you smell or not.

P.O.M. said...

Oh yeah - good luck. I need new friends too. It's sad. Dating is really scary, but once you start, it can be fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness... I'm always thinking about how I need to "get out there." It's so hard to do! And most running groups around here are people in their 40s and 50s, so I kind of don't fit in. Glad to find your blog today and read some of your running stories,

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