Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week in Review (well, part of it any way!)

What a busy week it's been! First of all my computer AC adapter/charger thing died and I had to wait to get a new one from Dell, I felt so out of touch with everything without my computer! Then for work we had 2 photo shoots back to back, but thankfully they went really well, just left me completely exhausted!
I was able to get a short run in on Wednesday morning, just about 3 miles, but I was glad to fit it in. Then on Thursday night I decided to go out! Let me explain - I rarely go out! That is also one of the new things that I'm working on changing, I have to get out there more!!! So, on Thursday night I GOT OUT THERE, and paid for it ALL DAY Friday! The good thing is that I had a great time out, the bad thing is my head was killing me until 4pm on Friday!
Then on Friday night I went with my Mom to a "Zumba Master Class". My Mom is an amazing dancer and certified Zumba instructor, smokin hot too! This class kicked my booty! I have taken Zumba a bunch of times, but the whole "master class" thing was awesome! It ended up being 2 hours long! Very fun, totally awesome workout!
Then on Saturday morning I went for my long run with my Team in Training group. We ran at North Park which was awesome, it was my first time there. One lap around the big lake is 5 miles, it has some nice rolling hills, but nothing too crazy. Part way through the first lap I noticed that I could sort of "feel everything" a little more. It was really humid, and my hip flexors will killing me from all the dancing! At the end of mile 5 I re-fueled with a gu and water and a swig of G2, then headed back out in the opposite direction for the next 5. One of the TNT head mentors, Rob, paired up with me for this part. I'm so glad that he did because I was struggling by mile 7. Thankfully he kept my mind off of it with lots of good conversation! As we got to mile 9 the rain started and I was so glad we were almost done! We ran in strong for the final mile and then joined up with our group for some HOMEMADE Blueberry Coffee Cake that was made by my mentor, Audrey! It was SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!
Once I was done with my coffee cake (and grabbed a 2nd piece to go....come on, according to my Garmin I burned 1,056 calories!!!!) I headed home. Shortly after I got in the car I noticed I felt "different" than I did from 10 miles last weekend! I could really feel it in my feet and ankles and of course my hips! I'm just hoping that this was from all the dancing on Friday night!
I woke up pretty stiff this morning, I still feel like my ankles are sort of "jammed". Not sure why, but just hoping that it will pass!
I feel like there's so much more to write, with my computer being down most of the week I'm totally behind! This will be it for now......Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for a great SHORT week!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun few days. That is awesome that your mom is a certified Zumba instructor. And, blueberry coffee cake, sounds delicious!

I bet you a feeling a little tight from all the dancing!

Jess said...

Wow you've been busy! Sounds like you had a great weekend. I'm sure you're just tight from the dancing. Make sure to stretch it out and you should be feeling fine in a few days.

*aron* said...

wow busy busy!!! great job on the run... the more you do the better you will start to feel. i always just ice what hurts for a couple days and things usually start to feel back to normal. ice is my bff :) along with the foam roller!

teacherwoman said...

Don't forget to stretch! Even if all the tightness was caused from the dancin'.... make sure to keep those muscles lose to prevent from injury! :)

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