Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekday Morning Workouts

So, on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays I meet up with a group for a morning "workout" (should really be called a morning "a$$ kicking"!!). It's like a bootcamp/football camp/track meet/spinning class all rolled into one! I started this back in the middle of March and I still love it! For the most part we meet at the local High School track and do everything (laps, sprints, stadium steps, jumps, hops, side shuffles up and down the field, a drill we call "run stop drop and roll" - start at the goal line go down to your stomach and roll over, then jump up sprint to the 10 yard line and repeat, keep doing this all the way down to the 50, turn around and come back)we do all of this for about 45 minutes then finish up with 15 minutes of abs, planks and push ups. KILLER!
Thankfully after all of my running this weekend we were inside at the gym using the Spin bikes. It was a great workout even though my legs were pretty tired!


teacherwoman said...

Definitely killer. Can I join ya?

*aron* said...

wow great job! i have heard those boot camp classes are killer!

peter said...

Sounds like a great workout. The year I got up and went to 6:30 am track workouts (we didn't do all that stuff tho, just fast runs) was the best running year of my life.

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