Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Taper!

So as many of you have said before, tapering feels weird! I'm feeling pretty good though, went our for 5 miles last night, just enjoyed the time on the trail. I had the overwhelming urge to tell EVERY person that I saw "Hey - I'm doing a Marathon on Sunday!!!!", however, I controlled myself!
My "Little Neighbor Girls" had me over their house on Sunday night and made me THE BEST sign! One of my friends that is going to the race will be in charge of holding it for the race. I will post a picture of it as soon as I download it from my camera, but it says -
"Hey Margo You ROCK!", how freaking awesome is that??????
I am driving to the marathon with my parents and my Mom got magnets for the truck that say "Good Luck Margo" and "On Our Way To The Marine Corps Marathon"! I'm hoping to get some "beeps" on the highway for our drive.

Now onto CONTEST NEWS.....we have 2 more winners!
1. Runners Rambles (Aron)
2. Run Girl Run (Jess)
Email me your full names and addresses and I'll get your prizes out to you! mcicci76@yahoo.com
Woooooooo hooooooooo!!!!


Amy said...

Ugghh.. tapering is the worst, but you don't have much longer to go now!!!

So, April and I would like to feature you as our Weekly Pace Setter this week! I know you've got the marathon this weekend, etc, so if you don't have time or aren't interested, just let me know.

Email us at 26point2ers@gmail.com and if you are interested and able to answer a few questions about your self, I'll send you the info!

Jess said...

Sweeet I'm a winner haha!!!

Glad to hear taper is going well for you! You will totally rock your race. I'll be sending positive vibes your way all day long on race day!!!

Anonymous said...

It is almost time!! How sweet of the neighbors to make a sign for you. Believe me, when you see that sign on marathon day when you are running it will make you smile and feel strong!

Megan said...

That is so cool of your mom!

BeachRunner said...

How exciting and fun. You sound so ready and pumped for this. You will do great!

*aron* said...

WOOOOO i won!!! so exciting :)

YAYYYY for taper time!! rest up this week and drink lots of water and get EXCITED! its ALMOST here!!!

Erin Leigh said...

LOL at you wanting to tell everyone. I get exactly like that.

P.O.M. said...

I might be one of the only runners who likes tapering. ha ha. But I'm all about "less is more" (except with wine, of course).

You're gonna rock it girlie!!! So excited for you.

Kelly H. said...

You sign sounds cute. That was very sweet of them. I liked Kate from My So-Called Running's sign for the race she just watched: YOUR FEET HURT CUZ YOU'RE KICKING SO MUCH ASS!!

Ha. Yay for this weekend. And I want to tell everyone that I just ran 5miles of 6 or whatever I can't even imagine a marathon. That would be the first thing that came out of my mouth in any conversation: "Would you like fries with that?" "I'm running a MARATHON!". :D

SuperDave said...

Sounds like you are excited! It's all starting to come together now..

teacherwoman said...

Those magnets for the car is an awesome idea! :) how cool!

The Laminator said...

Tapering is way wierd...i'm not used to running so fresh!

Anyways, you have such a fan club going with you to the marathon that I know you'll rock it!

Go Margo go. Wahoo! Have fun!

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