Friday, October 17, 2008

TGIF - My TNT Race Shirt!

I haven't kept up on the TGIF Photos, but I've got one for today! See NikeMom if you're interested! So, here is my Team in Training shirt that I will be wearing in 9 days at the Marine Corps Marathon!!!!!


jahowie said...

That's a great looking shirt!! You are going to rock that marathon out!! :-)

*aron* said...

WOOO so awesome!

The Laminator said...

Very nice shirt. I'm jealous. Still haven't gotten around to thinking about my marathon outfit yet.

teacherwoman said...

Lovin' the shirt! Yeahh!!

Kelly H. said...

So love the shirt. Is Margo the survivor you're racing for? Is that your name? I'm confused.

Kelly H. said...

OH! If I had kept up with your posts I would have realized that's your name in puffy paint. Very cool. Very cool. Now what's up with the soccer arm coverings? Are you really going to keep your hands in the foot part the whole run or are you cutting the foot off to make more of a sleeve? And the contest rules, very fun. Does this count as two entires? :D Happy Friday.

Pat said...

Margo, you'll love the support for TnT. I wear my TnT shirt whenever I run a big race and love all the attention.

Good luck running the MCM!

M*J*C said...

Hey Kelly-
Here's my plan with the hands will be in the "feet" part, I cut a slit in the sock near the middle of my palm, that way I can flip the part back that is covering my fingers if I'm getting too hot. I also cut a hole in the wrist area so I can see my Garmin!

BeachRunner said...

I am late on this, but congrats on the SI Half. My wife ran that one too. Good luck with your tapering. Glad you are feeling better.

Marcy said...

Very nice!! WHOO HOOO!

Jess said...

Sweet race gear!

The Roberts said...

I am so excited for you (and that is a little weird because of course I don't even know you!!)

ncrunner12 said...

Great shirt, make TNT proud. I've got a few folks in my running group that's running MC, I hope to race it next year... can't wait for the race report

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