Monday, October 6, 2008

19 Days 'til Marine Corps Marathon!!!

I'm at the airport waiting for my plane back to "The Burgh"! Dallas was good, lots of good food (note: that does not help in the "get this fat off my a$$ before the marathon plan!!!)!
Thank you everyone for your comments on my 20 miler!!!
Blister Update - It's popped and drained for the most part, still sort of black/purple looking (gross), but feeling pretty good.
Rib Update - Feeling really good, I think I'm pretty much healed! AMEN!!! My obliques on that side are still sore, but I think that will just take some time. Overall it is 1,000,000 times better than it was last week!!!

Sorry that I haven't been able to get back to everyone that has posted lately, being "on the road" has really cut into my blogging time (damn that job)!!!!! I promise I will catch up soon!!!

Here's where I stand on the rest of my time until "The Big Day" (which I know for most girls my age usually means their wedding, this is my version of "The Big Day")!
My TNT Running Coach was really happy with how my 20 miler went! Originally there was another 20 scheduled for the weekend of the 12th. I am going to be in NY/NJ that weekend, so I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that there. He said that since the 20 went so well (yipee!) I don't have to worry about getting in another 20 (THANK GOD!)! So here's the proposed plan -
Thursday the 9th: do 12-15 Miles
Friday 10th: Leave for NY/NJ
Saturday or Sunday 12th: 8 Miles
Come Home Sunday night
Tuesday 14th: 10 Miles
Then continue with taper plan (pretty much standard plan).

However, I just saw that there is the Staten Island Half Marathon on Sunday....that is about 40 minutes away from where I'll be staying. I'm wondering if I could just do 8miles on Thursday, then Sunday do the Half, and then on Tuesday do 8-10 miles?
What do you guys think? I wouldn't do the Half at "Race Pace", I would use it as a regular run. My hesitation to doing the 8 miles on Sat or Sun is that I'm not sure where I'll run in New Jersey (Meadowlands area), and I don't know that it's worth getting all the way into Central Park on Saturday morning to run with the TNT group for 8 miles. I am supposed to be working on Saturday and Sunday in NJ, with Saturday being the most important day....if I had to skip out for a chunk of the day that would be ok, but better if I didn't have to. It just seems like doing the Half would be so much easier in a way.
And let me just be completely honest with you.....I just think it would be cool to do another Half, and in Staten Island on top of that, what other time would I ever do that?
As always, I'll take any and all input/advice/encouragement!!!!
Looks like it's almost time to get on the plane, can't wait to get home!


jahowie said...

I think that's a great idea. What could be better training or more fun than an actually race? :-)

Melanie said...

Do the 1/2! Just make sure you do it at a light pace and not race pace. It'll be a good way to get a good last long run in before you start to taper, and who doesn't like having another race under the belt? Plus, you have aid, speactators, and extra adrenaline to get you through the training run when you run as race as training, and that always makes it easier!

Marcy said...

I think it's a good idea. Why not? Especially if you're just going to treat it as a regular run.

Anonymous said...

As long as you are feeling good, I would go for it. Glad the rib is still feeling good.

*aron* said...

i think that sounds like fun! and like you said, just go into it as a training run and you will be good to go! it would be a FUN training run :)

ncrunner12 said...

I like the half idea, just try not to get caught up in the race day hype and go all out. As long as you use it as a training run you should be golden.

Have a safe flight.

Nikemom said...

Do it!!! It will be a mental rush too. :D

Jess said...

Do the half! Races are always fun!

Kelly H. said...

I say do the half too. Just don't get too caught up in the atmosphere that you push yourself in pace accidentally. How fun! I love the idea of doing races unique places. And you'd get a tee shirt I'm assuming, always fun.

ThickChick said...

I say......

races are fun - do it!!

You might meet some cool peeps, and either way, you'll get in a training run!

Marci said...

Do the half. It will really help your lactic threshold (or so I've been told, LOL). Seriously though, I've always found my marathons go better if I run a half a few weeks before. Good luck!

teacherwoman said...

I think that is awesome if you can encorporate that half marathon into your training! DO IT! :)

NikeRun said...

I would do the half marathon if I were you. I didn't realize that I would have had that chance this year. I passed it up thinking I'd be in more taper than I was. Go for it!

The Laminator said...

You should totally go for the's so fun...great scenery, great weather...and (not to be biased) but I'll be there!

So work Saturday and run the SI half with us on Sunday!

mrjwhit~ said...

Do well. I can not wait to hear how it goes. There is some great advice here, so I can't add anything to what's been shared. However, can you snap a few pics of the Viet Nam memorial for me, if you can?

Girl on Top said...

Doing the Half is a good idea and you'll have a bunch of people so it's motivating. Just don't push yourself too hard. Good luck!

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