Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feelin' a bit better!!!

I'm definitely feeling better today! Still congested, sneezing, coughing, but overall MUCH better! I am also finally getting caught up on reading everyone's blogs!
I am still home from work, so I decided to do a "Dress Rehearsal" for the Marathon! It was VERY EXCITING!!!!! I went with JAHOWIE'S suggestion of wearing the knee socks on my arms like long gloves.....LOVE IT! Of course I had to buy a pair of black Adidas Soccer Socks so it would look cool, LOL!!!
Up next, I'm heading to the craft store to get some fabric paint....I need to put my name on my race shirt! SO EXCITING!!!
On the schedule today was also 5 plan is to go to the gym and do between 3-5 on the treadmill. It's rainy, damp and cool here, I'm thinking staying inside would be a good idea.
Now for what you have all been waiting for....CONTEST INFO!
For everytime you have commented on my blog since October 1st I will write your name on a piece of paper and enter it into the drawing. There will be a few different drawings for different things.....first drawing will be tonight!


NikeRun said...

Hey I'm glad you are feeling better. Your marathon is almost here :) I actually was ironing on patches to my race jersey last night. It is so exciting.

Erin Leigh said...

So glad you are feeling better. Love that you had to go with the Adidas socks. That would be my choice also.

*aron* said...

glad you are feeling better!! its getting so close!

ohhh i think i have quite a few comments in there :) hope that betters my chances! i love prizes!

Anonymous said...

Yay for feeling better. You are going to be good to go for the race. You'll have to take a picture of your race outfit.

Jen said...

Hey MARGO!! I am soooo glad that you are feeling better! It was so exciting to see a pic of your race gear! One week from tomorrow you will be in D.C.!! Woohoo!

SuperDave said...

I like the idea of "spraying" your name on your shirt.

jahowie said...

I did some good huh? I'm glad that you are feeling better. I'll be watching for some pics.

The Laminator said...

Marathon prepping is so fun. I'm glad you're feeling better and getting excited about your marathon.

P.O.M. said...

How super fun is the contest?

We took some amazing pics of me and the captain on the beach! I am waiting for the bride to send them to me. I will def post!

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