Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still Sick

Ok, I'm home sick again today. I was supposed to leave for Chicago (for work) on Friday and come back Monday, but luckily another co-worker is going instead. That is a huge relief, the last thing I neeed was to be on another airplane and running around all weekend. Now I've got more "down time" to just rest and get better.
Thank you to everyone for your advice, I'll keep pounding the fluids and getting rest.
Also, I'm working on the "contest details"....more to come soon...


*aron* said...

feel better!!!! keep resting and kick this thing!

ncrunner12 said...

Get better soon! If you get out to get some "Stay at home sick and watch movies" movies check out Run Fat Boy Run... it's an english comedy about a guy who runs a marathon... pretty funny

Laura said...

Get well soon!

P.O.M. said...

Oh crap - get better soon girlie. I swear that when I was training for my first marathon I got sick like every other week. I saw a nutrionist and she said that it's normal. Vitamins! Lots of them. Double your C (just be ready for the consequences).

Rest and don't freak out. You'll be better my marathon time.

The Laminator said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

teacherwoman said...

Oh hunny. I hope you feel better soon. yuck.

Steve Stenzel said...

Boo! Feel better soon!!

Laura said...

There are a few BBQ locations... I went to the one at 72nd between Columbus and Central Park West, but you can check out for the full list of locations.

Anonymous said...

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