Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time to FOCUS!!!!

Ok, as of today I have 25 days until my Marathon.....
25 Days!!!!!
That's not a lot of time, and with my little rib set back and all of my traveling, the nerves are starting to kick in!!! I know that I have already overcome the hardest parts of the training, now I just need to stay on track and keep myself healthy. Las Vegas really knocked me out (I partied like a Seasoned Rock Star when honestly, I would barely qualify for Rock Star Pre-School)! I didn't make it out of the house for my run last night, then totally slept through my alarm this morning. I have my clothes with me and will be heading out for my run right after work.
Here is my question - I have to do a 20 miler this weekend (was going to do it Friday with a teammate, but now she can't get off of work). My Team is meeting Saturday morning at 8am, I have to be at the airport by 11:15 to go to Dallas. Should I -
a) Suck it up and do the 20 miler by myself (if I go by myself I'll "make" my Dad meet up with me at some point so I'm not totally alone). I've never run more than 10 miles by myself.
b) Go to the group run early (like 6am) and get in 2 hours by myself and finish up with the group by 10 am then clean up and head to the airport. Keep in mind the flight is about 4 hours.

Here are the other things I need to a grip on, ASAP!!!!!!
*Weight - I came back from Vegas 5 pounds heavier than I left, I'm down 2, so 3 more to go.
*Nutrition - MUST start eating better. I was doing great, but the past 2-3 weeks have been less than acceptable. Have to bring a better lunch to work and have a better dinner (more veggies, brown rice, chicken, and so on)
*Water - Seriously, I am not drinking NEARLY enough!!!! Starting today the minimum will be 90 ounces.
*Running - Wait, how did this end up at the bottom....MUST STAY ON SCHEDULE!!!!!!

Question: To those of you who have done a marathon before, when you started the race in the morning was it "cold" outside? If you answered "no" you can skip this question, if you answered "yes" then continue.

Did you start out with a long sleeve shirt on? Where did you pin your number? I just ordered this race belt that I can put my number on, plus it has 2 pockets that I can put my gu and stuff in. Any thoughts/experience with these?

I think that's everything, I just don't want the Marathon to get here and feel like I could have trained better at the end.
Feel free to add your thoughts / advice!!!


Melanie said...

Yay, you're SO close! Sounds like you have a good game plan.

Honestly, I find that when I'm doing a race that starts cooler but warms up that I'm better off sporting a trash bag at the start. Seriously... you won't even make it a mile with that thing on and it'll get you warmed up perfectly for the rest of the run. Once your body heat is up, you can maintain it after losing the garbage bag until the weather finishes warming up. Plus, the bag keeps you warm while you wait to start, you can crouch down and put your knees inside while you wait, and when you take it off you can just throw it away.

*aron* said...

one warning... once taper time comes you are going to all of a sudden feel not ready about everything. i should have done this and this... well you are READY! you have done the training so just remember that :)

since my race started at 5:55am it was pretty chilly, but i didnt use a long sleeved shirt, i just took off my jacket a few minutes before and handed it to my mom. it was aug though :) i have heard people using trash bags or bringing an old shirt to just throw away once you are warmer. i always warm up in like 1/2 mile so i knew i would be ok.

make sure to wear that belt out a few times before the marathon. i have something similar for runs when i dont carry my water with me, but it took me a while to get used to. nothing new on race day!

WOOOO 25 days! you are getting so close! just start drinking the water and eating good and you will feel great!

on the 20 miler... whatever you think will work best. it would be awesome to have some support out there with you, and those last miles are the toughest, but ONLY put it off to saturday if you KNOW you will get up and be able to get the miles done. i have a tendancy to hit the snooze :)

yayyyy so excited for you! keep the ?s coming too... i love to help as much as i can since it was just yesterday i was going through the same thing :)

ncrunner12 said...

I haven't ran a marathon yet, just a little over 4 weeks for mine, so I can't help too much. I have volunteered for a marathon and it was a bit chilly... it was also 7:00 and early Novemeber.

As for the 20 miles, to have the extra support is good and if you can find a way to do most of it with the group that would be a big help. But if you can't and find yourself doing it alone put together a damn good playlist on the ipod and have your dad meet you in a few different places to give you some gells or gatorade.

Good luck!

Megan said...

Just look at your arm to remind you what to do!!

That belt things looks uncomfortable - I thought it was used for torture!

yes wear a trash bag and TAKE pictures of that outfit so I can blackmail you later when you are all dolled up!!


The Laminator said...

I think you're going to be fine for the marathon. Don't sweat the details.

Having said that...for 20-mile run, it sounds like it's most ideal if you do half of it on your own and half of it with your running group...that sounds less mentally challenging than running 20 miles all by yourself.

As for the cold weather right before a marathon...i usually wear a long sleeve shirt that I intend to throw away after the first couple of miles...so I pin my number to my race singlet underneath.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My marathon last year was in November and it was cold at the start of the race. I wore a longsleeve shirt over a short sleeve. It only took about 3 miles till I was warm. When I saw my family around mile 5 I tossed my shirt to them. However, along the route there were shirts all over the place from people who had started out with long sleeves and then went short.

As for the 20 miler, I think run it on the day you know you will have time to finish it without worry. The most important part is that you get it done.

Sounds like you have everything in order. Keep working hard, you are almost there.

jahowie said...

It's right around the corner now. I'm really excited for you. I've heard of people cutting off long socks and wearing them as arm warmers, and then throwing them off during the race. It's a cheap way to stay warm, and I've actually seen it look pretty cute if done right. I know that's important too. :-)

Kelly H. said...

Yay. 25 days! I've never even run a 10K, but it sounds like you're ready. I would run 1/2 your 20miles with your group, sounds like they really keep you going. And, if you don't run it Saturday morning, when will you?

Jess said...

Here's my two cents for you:

As for the run, I'd pick option A and have your dad come meet you because you don't want to get on plane for four hours and be stiff as hell and uncomfortable after a 20-miler

as far as racing when it's cold in the morning...i wore a long sleeve shirt and was ok just by rolling the sleeves up...but i've seen people pin their numbers to their shorts so they don't have to worry about it

Laura said...

I'm with Melanie on the trash bag idea - it works REALLY well. Actually, I use old space blankets (I always save them from the race before), but I think a trash bag would work just as well.

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