Thursday, September 18, 2008

I've been keeping a secret from you...

So, about 2 weeks ago on my 15 mile run I had a sharp pain in my side after a water stop. A REALLY SHARP PAIN. I thought Holy Mother of God, this is the Motherload of all "sidestitches"!!! I was running with my TNT buddy Chrisie (thank god that I have a witness!!!), and I said to her, OOOOH...I gotta walk a minute, you go ahead without me. Then I finished my 15 miles and went on with my day. The pain has not gone away, I figured it was a pulled oblique of some sort. I didn't want to blog about it because it seemed so "lame". Keep in mind, since then I have done a 1/2 Marathon, all my weekday runs, and another long run of 14 miles. Even ran 5.5 miles last night. The pain has still been there, particularly when I twist, sneeze, cough, laugh....hmmmmm, sounds like something else....can't be though...can it?
Finally after not being able to sleep last night I went to get it checked out and they did an X-ray, Drumroll please.................
Yep, I have a BROKEN RIB! NOT a fracture or a crack, BROKE in 2 pieces. Rib #9, that bitch!
So what does that mean for me....thankfully it's not a deal breaker. Just NO lifting, pushing, pulling of any sort for 10 days. Lay low on the running for 7 days, and then re-x-ray.
For real, who breaks their rib running? I guess I must run SO fast that they just break...LOL!!!
On the bright side, I am HARDCORE!!!!!
Song of the day - Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit


*aron* said...

OMG are you serious?!?!? that is CRAZY! i hope its feeling better soon!!

you are hardcore! :)

Marcy said...

OMG!! How the heck did you do that?!? Wow chica! I hope that baby heals up quick. You are very hardcore!

teacherwoman said...

You are HARDCORE! That is crazy!

chrisequious said...

OORAH! You're going to make the MCM your bitch, training with a broken rib, it's got nothing on you!!

Nikemom said...

You are the woman!! I admire you for running through the pain. Now that's guts! :)

P.O.M. said...

Oh my God. I'm totally freaking out. I just blogged today that I feel like I broke or sprained my rib. But thought there was no way I could do it running. WTF?

I wonder why. hmmmm. I remember reading somewhere that women runners really need to up their calcium or their bones get more fragile. I never take calcium, but believe you me - I am getting some SOON!

At least it's not a deal breaker for running. Just rest up and take care. Hopefully you'll be back in no time.

Erin Leigh said...

R U For Real?? That is CRAZY!!!

I'm glad it wont take too long to heal. Insane!!

Dando said...

Good Grief! Sorry to hear about your broken rib. However I must say I laughed at the labels you gave this article. That was quite funny. Hope your recovery is quick.

Jason said... are way hardcore!!!!!

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