Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Marathon Life

Well, this week has consisted of resting, smiling, wearing my medal, and.....a lot of time thinking about "what next?"
Overall I feel pretty good except there is something definitely going on with my right ankle. It hurts, kinda bad. If I stand for more than an hour or walk more than block I start to limp....I think I need to get it checked. It's a little swollen, but nothing major and there's a tiny black and blue mark on it. I'm sure it's just strained and a little beat up, but I think I'll make an appointment for this week.
I'm joining a new gym today, so that should be good. It's one of those "mega gyms" (LA Fitness), has tons of cardio equipment, weights and classes, and it's 7 minutes from my house. When I started really running in May I totally gave up the gym, mostly because all I had ever done was gone to the gym and I was so happy for the change, and the fact that I ran outside 99% of the time was awesome. Now that winter is on it's way I figured it's a good time to change things up and incorporate some of the old stuff back in along with adding some new things.
I am planning on staying involved with Team in Training in their "Alumni Club" which should be a lot of fun. It will help me to stay connected to my new running friends and continue running. We will meet as a group before local races, get together for runs on the weekends, and so on all while sort of promoting TNT.
As for my "Official Running Plan", here we go! I loved doing the marathon, and I will definitley do another one (or 10!) at some point, just not sure when it will be. Since I really only started running in May and then did the Marathon in October I think I might take the next year to take more time to work on becoming a "better runner". With that being said, I LOVE 1/2 Marathons, seriously, I LOVE THEM!!!!! In addition to that, I LOVE BLING (fancy medals)!! So, I WANT THIS-

This is the medal you get from the Rock 'n Roll Marathon Series if you complete 5 of their 8 events, and all 5 can be 1/2 Marathons! Of course, there are a lot of things that have nothing to do with running that will have to fall into place for this to happen (my schedule, travel costs, and so on), but I am really going to buckle down and start planning!

My choices are Arizona, Seattle, Chicago, Virginia Beach, San Antonio, San Jose, and Nashville (there's also San Diego, but that is only a Full).

In addition to those I would also like to do the Baltimore 10 Miler again, that was a great race! And of course there will be random 5 and 10k's.

So, any thoughts??? Who else wants to be a Rock Star???? Anyone have hookups with hotels that they'd like to share???LOL!!!!

One more thing - Good Luck to Lam and NC RUNNER this weekend!!!


chrisequious said...

You were made for the rock n' roll series!! You go girl! I'm totally in for a half-marathon somewhere awesome (AKA, any of those cities).

See you tomorrow for our first TNT alum duties!!

Marci said...

I ran the R&R nashville marathon. I didn't know you could get a star medal after 5 of their events. That is a neat goal. Going a gym is a good thing, hope your ankle feels better soon!

The Laminator said...

Maybe it's just me, but you're already a rock star! Last I heard, anyone that rocks the marine core marathon like you did achieves rock star status!

Having said that...I understand why you'd want the bling to show off your rock star status. I think you'll have so much fun in your half-marathons. I agree, they are totally fun.

Thanks for the well wishes, BTW. It definitely means a lot coming from a rock star!

Nikemom said...

Congrats on your run!!

I'd love to be a rockstar! And would love to travel around the country to get it done, but McRib, might not go for it. :P Any closer to the big Nebraska???

BeachRunner said...

Lam said it best. You already rock. Keep on rocking!!

Anonymous said...

Take care of that ankle.

Doing all those half marathons sounds like fun. Plus, I have heard many good things about them.

ncrunner12 said...

Thanks for the good luck yo! I'm really going to need luck if I want to write a race report like yours.

I wanna be a rock star!! I think the Nashville/Chicago (home town) and San Diego would be wicked awesome!

Enjoy the new gym... I've heard really good things about LA fitness and with it being so close to home is that much a plus.

SuperDave said...

Do 5 of 8 have to be in the same year? If so, that would be tough..
I'm with lam, "YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!"
I'm running the Nashville next yr..
damn I may have to start booking flights now.. haha

Nikemom said...

I tagged you!

the gazelle said...

That's an awesome goal. I am so medal (and sticker, for that matter) motivated.

teacherwoman said...

Yeah, you better get that ankle checked out. Just to make sure it's nothing.

BTW, I gave you an "award" today on my post. Go check it out!

RunBubbaRun said...

Look like a nice goal to get the rock star bling. They just made the chiacgo part of the serues. The bling there used to be the best in the city (I thought anyway). Hopefully it does not change..

Hope your ankle gets better soon.

*aron* said...

ohhh yes i had many random pains and just needed a couple weeks off to feel better. hope your pains heal up quickly!!

the rnr races are so fun... if you come out for san jose i would definitely run it again :)

jahowie said...

That is a sweet medal!! I hope that your ankle feels better soon. You probably just need some rest.

Amy said...

Fun idea to do the rock star thing!! I've ran the Nashville half and the full and its a GREAT race (and I'm not just saying that cause I live in Nashville).

Hope your ankle gets to feeling better, soon!

P.O.M. said...

I love half marathons too. I think one marathon a year is enough. haha.

"Rockstar" is a great goal. I can picture you making something fancy with that medal too - like a belt buckle or something.

M*J*C said...

POM- that's a great idea!!!

Jess said...

Ohhh I've already done VA Beach and that was an awesome race! I didn't know that had a medal for doing five of them...I'll have to look into that!

Melanie said...

Nashville is AWESOME! I've run the full twice and the half once, and I loved it. We have a great city with lots of fun things to do. The 1/2 is the 3rd largest in the country i think... it doesn't usually sell out til April, but hotels get booked quickly so do that in advance.

lizzy said...

hey im new to your blog and just wanted to say hi!/ put in my two-sence and say that you should run in Seattle!!! we have amazing weather for running here, the air is so crisp and fresh!

Laura said...

I'm doing Nashville and possibly Arizona... let me know if you do either and we can meet up :)

And I LOVE that you immediately started thinking about next races!

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