Monday, November 24, 2008

Keep Moving!!!

Ok, so I'm finally starting to get out of the rut...just HAVE to keep moving forward!!! I tried desperately to find something fun to do Friday night, but everyone "had plans" or had dates...great! So I ended up buying paint at Home Depot and finally painted my powder room (it was a light lavender, I painted it a really pretty brown). This is something I've been wanting to do for about a year, so I'm glad I finally got it done, and just in time for Thanksgiving (which I'm hosting at my house this year)! I did one coat Friday night, then headed out early Saturday morning to get some shopping done (needed new decorations for the powder room). I didn't really find I came home and then did my second coat Saturday night. It looked pretty good!
On Sunday morning I FINALLY went to the "New Gym" and did the "Body Works" class (which was basically weights with music), it was great! Keep in mind, I haven't lifted in FOREVER!! It was a great re-introduction to weights, my poor arms were killing me by the time we were done! I'm so glad I went and I'm looking forward to getting there a lot more often!

After that I went home and got ready (got to wear my new boots!) and headed out to meet my friend for Brunch at Bistro 19....OMG it was SOOOOOO GOOD! I got the Fliet and Egg Hash...seriously, to die for!!! That and 2 Bellini's to drink.....perfect Sunday morning! From there we headed to South Side for some shopping. I found some things for the powder room and then hit up Urban Outfitters (I LOVE that store)! I actually ended up putting in an application there for part time holiday work, I really hope I get called in. I need a "change of scenery" "real job" has NO social opportunities at all. I feel like even if I'm working on a Friday night, at least it will get me "out there", and I'll already be in South Side so it would be very easy to meet up with people afterwards to go out. So, keep your fingers crossed!

This week I'm planning on getting to at least 2 more classes at the gym. Then on Thursday I'll be doing the Turkey Trot 5K! So, it finally looks like I'm getting close to being back on track!


*aron* said...

sounds like a productive weekend!!! great job for getting to the gym and good luck with the job!! that would be a fun place to work part time :) discounts + extra money is a good thing!

BeachRunner said...

Good job hitting the weights again.

Anonymous said...

Way to get things accomplished. Good luck with the part time job too. Don't forget about the great discounts on all the clothes.

Kelly H. said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Those lifting classes at the gym scare me. I think I would be lying in a puddle at the end of class. Good luck at Urban Outfitters, that does sound like fun!

Megan said...

How are you doing the Turkey Trot and hosting Thanksgiving?? Your a dynamo!

The Laminator said...

Yeah, Urban Outfitters sounds like a good store to work for. Fingers crossed that you get to work there.

Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Congrats.

P.O.M. said...

We all have days/nights when you totally feel like doing SOMETHING, but nothing ends up coming through. But you did something with your time - that is AWESOME. I was a total sloth on Saturday - day and night. I was a little hung over from Fri, so that's my excuse. I watched season 2 of Arrested Development, then some stupid movie.

Nikemom said...

Good luck with the job! I love UO as well.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

mrjwhit~ said...

Welcome back. Wait are you running a race THEN doing Thanksgiving dinner? You are amazing!

jahowie said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Good luck on the job, and have a great Thanksgiving!! :-)


Still listening to the CD. Good stuff. ;-)

Marlene said...

Mmm, that looks yummy!

Good luck with the job!

Laura said...

Brunch is my absolute FAVORITE meal - I'm totally jealous :) Also, you have to post pics of the powder room!

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