Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanks Everyone

Just wanted to thank you all for your kind and supportive words on my previous post, you blogfriends really are something special.
I went to the Dr on Monday morning and saw the MRI, it was so interesting. There you could see everything so clearly, the tibia, the nice cartilage, then the the tear in it, and then the cyst that I think looked like it is above the tear (something about synovial fluid leaking out and forming the cyst). You could also see the tendinitis and the other general "funkiness" of my ankle. The good thing is that I am a very "visual" person, seeing it all helped me to understand (better, I still have questions, but I have a better grasp on it) what's going on in there, what needs to be repaired, and that it has to be repaired (it won't just go away).
I had the corisone injection (I think the reason for that is because I won't be having surgery until the beginning of February and that maybe it will help to "calm" it down and slow down the leak of synovial fluid so the cyst won't get bigger....I think). It hurt like a BE-YATCH!!!! Today it's still feeling pretty stiff and sore. I'm supposed to "take it easy" this week, and can do the elliptical next week.
The Dr felt that it was totally reasonable for me to think that I would be able to do my 1/2 marathon plan in 2010, so that's good. I just don't want to wish away 2009 before its even here! Overall most of today I have been feeling very thankful that I was able to do the Marine Corps Marathon, I didn't think it was possible that I could appreciate my experience with it more than I already did.....but I can tell you that as of today, I absolutely do.
Thanks again everyone, your words meant a lot to me!


*aron* said...

way to have a good attitude girlie!! hang in there and sending lots of good healing vibes your way :)

Anonymous said...

So surgery in February. I am sure you are going to come out stronger. Just think of all the motivation you are going to have,

Kelly said...

My goodness, that's a lot to take in! I'm so sorry you're injured. But I guess better get it taken care of so it's not really bad later on in life, right? I hope the injection helps. I'm not an orthapedic RN so I'm not very familiar with bones and joints and cysts and whatnots. Hope everything goes well though. Thinking about you.

The Laminator said...

I think once you have the surgery, you'll be that much stronger, faster, and more determined. You'll be even more of a Rock Star...is that even possible?! Oh...hoping and praying that you heal quickly from your injuries...

SuperDave said...

Here's hoping to quick healing!

mrjwhit~ said...

Praying you heal quicker than the docs anticipated. Take care and we'll see you at Marine Corps.

BeachRunner said...

Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Melanie said...

I'm glad to hear that your spirits are doing pretty well today. I hope the injection helps ease the pain while you wait for surgery.

ThickChick said...

Sigh. I'm sorry that you're derailed, but so happy for you that you got such a fantastic marathon experience under your belt before this $hit came to light.

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