Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Goals

I can't believe that December is here already! I'm "borrowing" the goal idea from The Gazelle, so here we go!
1. Get into the gym 3 times per week. I can take a class, run on the tradmill for 30 minutes, lift, spin, anything!! Just get in there 3 times per week.
2. In addition to the gym time, run for 45 minutes (outside if weather allows, or as an additional workout at the gym).
3. Make more progress with getting rid of "stuff" at my house. Wait, that is too "broad". Each week I need to get rid of 1 large trash bag of clothes (donate) or general junk.
4. Would love to lose the 5 pounds I've been carrying around since the marathon, so that means START COOKING AGAIN!!!!!! Get in more veggies and drink more water!
5. For this one I'm just going to say - Do what needs to be done. I don't really care to elaborate on this right now, but I know what it means.

In other news I've got a Happy Hour planned with my TNT Girlfriends on Friday night, and then we are doing the Jingle Bell run on Saturday morning! There is a "Holiday Costume Contest" at the run, so I'm totally working on a cute "Mrs.Claus" type costume!!!

Hope you are all having a great week!


*aron* said...

awesome goals!!!!

ohhh sounds like a fun run!! make sure to take pics so we can see the costume!

Jess said...

Those are great goals! Make sure we get some pics of that costume!

chrisequious said...

I am finding it sooooo hard to get motivated with no marathon looming in the distance. When is the first of the rock star halves? I may need to borrow some of your motivation for that!

the gazelle said...

fantastic goals! And I third the "pics of the costume, please" comments! I love looking at people in costume, but the idea of dressing up myself always stresses me out.

Run Mommy said...

GReat goals! Good to have goals - they don't have to be a marathon to be worth doing. :)

Anonymous said...

Great goals. I am positive you will reach each one. We recently packed up some old clothes and things, but now we just need to get rid of them.

BeachRunner said...

Jingle Bell sounds like a blast.

teacherwoman said...

Looks like great goals, chica! We would love to see pics of that costume! :)

carla said...

I have a lot of number five in my life right now---here's hoping I have less come 1.1.09

Marcy said...

Great goals! Man I need to get rid of "stuff" as well *sigh* Especially with Christmas coming up. Time to get rid of the old before we bring in the new LOL

Marlene said...

Great goals!

Can't wait to see your costume. :)

April said...

Ooooh...a costume race sounds like fun! Can't wait to see pics of that!

Marathon Maritza said...

Oooh cute Mrs. Claus sounds like a great idea...don't forget to take pics to post here!

Great goals!

SuperDave said...

Don't let your happy hour be to happy or your jingle bell run may not have to much jingle in it.


ThickChick said...

A nice, fresh set-o-goals!

I have a hunch that last one means you need to dump somebody! Ha!

Laser hair removal question - did it leave your skin discolored at all? A friend told me that she had looked into laser (this was years ago) but was scared that it would leave a discolored mark on her skin. I can't be having that on my girl-stache! ;)

P.O.M. said...

Good luck on your goals my dearest.

"Do what needs to be done." I have a feeling I can guess this one. I, too need to do what needs to be done. But probably won't happen for a while.

Your costume was so cute! No wonder you won.

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