Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 3 Post-Op

First off, thank you everyone for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me!
So far everything is going pretty good. My nerve block wore off slowly and combined with the percoset every 2 hours I was able to make it through the first 12 hours pretty well. Right now I'm just taking the pain meds as needed during the day (which seems to be just 1-2 times) and then 1 before I go to bed. This morning I woke up with a HORRIBLE stomach ache (from the meds I'm sure) so I hopped into the kitchen and had some sugar free vanilla pudding, that totally helped. Then I hopped back to my couch!
Before my surgery I ordered this "wedge pillow", it has been a life saver! It keeps my leg elevated very comfortably, I can also imagine that I will like using it even after the surgery.
Today I also tried out the recliner, it was a great change from the couch! I'm on the couch now but I think I'll head back to the recliner soon.
I'm also thinking that I'd like to take a bath today (really, I'd like to take a SHOWER, I hate baths, but a bath would be better than nothing)! I'm starting to enter the "I feel like a sloppy pile of $hi#" land....this is never a good place to be during recovery. I do look a little "crazy" (hair in a wild pony tail, tank top is all twisted and crumpled, purple sweatpants have some dog hair on them) all around I feel like "ick".
I think I'm going to attempt to lay on the floor and do some abs, maybe try stretching a little bit, or maybe I'll just stay on the couch....oh the choices that I'm faced with.....LOL!
I go back to the Dr in 11 days to get the cast off. That will be FABULOUS!
Well, I'm going to figure out what to do now. Hopefully I'll write more later.
Oh, just want you all to know that I have really enjoyed catching up on your blogs! I'm trying to catch up and get in some comments, but I've decided to just comment on your most recent post (even though I'm reading the old ones too).
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Carolina John said...

hang in there. you'll be making the rest of us look bad before you know it.

Kelly said...

Best of luck with bathing! Bet you never thought you'd hear that one. I'd recommend eating with your pain pills it helps reduce the stomach irritation usually.

Marlene said...

Good luck with the bath. Just be careful!

Keep taking it easy... here's hoping 11 days flies by!

Marci said...

THanks for the update, glad you are recovering well! You will be back at it in no time!

aron said...

glad recovery is going well and i hope it continues too!!

The Laminator said...

The more you recover, the more choices you'll have. Glad you're making some progress. Definitely need you back. Blogosphere is not the same without ya.

Jess said...

Glad to hear the recovery is going fairly well and that you aren't having to take the pain meds too often!

jahowie said...

I'm glad that you are recovering well. :-)

Amanda said...

Those pain meds are hard on the tummy. I'm glad you're recuping well so far, hope you're feeling better and not so "ick" soon!

ThickChick said...

Whew! Glad to hear that your surgery went well and you're taking good care of yourself! Your future self will thank you for letting everything heal properly!

Call up a hunk from your little black book and ask for some bathing assistance. ;)

P.O.M. said...

I was wondering where the heck you were. Glad you're recovering. The bath will make you feel a little better about things. And clean hair :)

Keep us posted and hang in there.

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